Thursday, November 24, 2005

Quoting Folk

So hi everyone (come on you know you are here)

Essential questions...

Why am I doing this?


Anything interesting to say?


Anyway today is about quotes. Not famous quotes but just random fantastic things that people say.

"We live in an age of identity theft" How profound - thanks X for reminding me that the word Profound exists :-) A very profound word.

So two really brutally honest things have been said to me in the last week. I think they are both really funny so will share. Besides typing them makes me a little hysterical and that's a good start for a blog. Actually I cut and pasted this from an e-mail I sent someone but they won't read this and hell its' my first blog entry so who cares!

"You are too nice, I used and dumped a boyfriend who was too nice. Ummm, you do have a really great personality though but, ummm, you need to be mean". I don't generally swear much (I'm too nice of course) but in response (and in a really ironic joke I thought) I said "Women who think I'm too nice...kcuF 'em" (think that word looks better back to front!). She laughed but I do think she missed the point.

The other... "You say some really beautiful things. But...I often don't understand them. Make sense boy!". To this I smiled, blushed (Oh my God, I'm just too nice) and turned away. Brilliant.

And the young mum Natalie who gave birth to triplets said "My mum tells me they are very good babies. To me they are perfect" Wow, beautiful - thank You


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