Friday, November 25, 2005


So what is with the new Westlife/Diana Ross song? "Every time you touch me, I become a hero" Horrid thought.

So how political do I want to be?


How controversial?


So the news this week brings with it notification of further 'trouble' for what are ultimately two of the UK's worst 'celebrities'.

Gary Glitter. What is with this guy? He left the UK. Was booted out of Cambodia. Now he rests in Vietnam where once he tried to leave the Police decided to stop him. He had a young girl in his home?! So the Police are holding him in detention for four weeks while they play with his book collection and then probably kick him out of the country. Let's face it all those years ago he sang "You wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang". What did people think his gang was? Jonathan King was in it. Let Gary return to the uk. Let him have his 'gang' meetings and every time he has one we raid the joint and shove them all in prison (or pretend that Osama Bin Laden is there and carpet bomb the place letting just Gary escape). We could just arrest them all of course. Except for that one music guy (no names, you know the talented one, he wasn't there really!).

George Best. This guy really proves just how stupid the news really is. He beats up women; drinks a lot; is irritating; dying. Dying? Yes. When? Every few days apparently. I got up this morning and just hoped his misery was over. He is in pain. His family need to move on and we need to talk about people who are dying because of us and not themselves. Another British soldier dead in Iraq. What was his name? He was the real Best.

So yesterday I quoted the young mother of triplets, Natalie who filled the papers for a few days. Oddly we all loved her. Well nearly all.

Natalie also said "It's not as hard as I thought it would be. The girls are sleeping through the night. I love them to bits...The only bad part of the day is the early evening because they hate Emmerdale's theme tune and cry whenever it comes on". To me Natalie sounds like an intelligent women who has really thought about what this life change means. Her babies cry when Emmerdale is on? (we should all cry that Emmerdale is still on after all these years). The Daily Mail however say "That, one suspects, is the very least of their problems". Their main problem is, of course, growing up in a world that can so cruelly make something so amazing seem bad. Thanks Daily Mail. Do you know if Gary Glitter is one of your readers? (he was on the free CD you did in 1998!). Incidentally, hi Natalie, how do your babies react to Coronation Street?

So finally, Michael Jackson is facing the wraith of his odd behaviour again. In 2003 he said some quite mean stuff about Jewish people. The Anti Deformation League are demanding an apology. Why has this taken so long? Because he was accused of rather more serious allegations perhaps? Cool, now he is 'proven' innocent the ADL can take a swipe. Shame they didn't think it through. No-one remembers what Jackson said. Remember all those people who waved flags et al in support of Michael every day at his trial? Now you've messed with Michael they are all Anti-Semitics. Worth it?

Right I'm done. I have to make coffee and drink it. Hard day. Not fair.

Take care all of you (all? I'm confident today!)


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