Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lippy Love

“I love your lips and everything attached to them”

It’s been and interesting week this week for news. We’ve had a handful (or two) of people die as a result of cartoons depicting a man who has been long dead in an ironic pose. The cartoons aren’t really funny but they are like most cartoons in the press. You look at them, smile, and turn the page. Not this time buddy. You smile? You die. This is the Islam that presents itself to us. Like Christianity when it got all worked up over 'Jerry Springer: The Opera'. Since the controversy I personally think that a swearing Jesus (in a nappy, ha, ha) has never been funnier. I saw the Springer opera long before the upset and actually it was quite shitty. I may have turned down a ‘date’ with a nice young women to see it and it was not worth the cost in pounds sterling nor the lack of good female company. The religious stuff was merely ludicrous. Once people started taking it seriously it became funny, funny because suddenly Christianity Seemed like a funny thing to poke fun at. So should we poke fun at Islam then? (Because of its over-reaction to the funnies) What we should remember is that it is apparently a minority who are acting in this heinous way because of their ‘upset’ at the comic pictures. Same with Springer. Only some Christians acted badly in response.

The problem is that these people are NOT real believers. Muslims who are acting violently as a result of the cartoons? Not Muslims at all but simple thugs. The Springer hating Christians? They are thugs too. True Muslims and True Christians are so certain of their belief in Muhammad and Jesus, respectively, that they simply don’t care who says what about their ‘icon’.

I respect the Islamic faith but to the dangerous lunatics that are at its forefront…you deserve to be hung by the neck until dead (I can play your game, good huh). To the Christians who threaten those who slander their faith? Is your faith that weak? Can’t take Jesus in a nappy? Pah.

In other news The Animal Liberation Front are so upset about animal experiments soon to take place in a swanky new Oxford University lab that they are going to target Oxford students. Yes, let’s kill the future of humanity…as long as the animals are okay! The ‘slight’ irony is that the experiments are happening NOW but not in the best conditions. Why? Because some yobs keep stopping the 'best conditions' from being built. Please somebody begin a Pro-animal lab campaign. I would wear the t-shirt just because…!

Saw a teenage girl on the news who had a brain tumour…the hospital gave her too much radiation and now? While at worst she will die very soon, at best she will be paralysed. Jesus performed miracles. If he is raised from the dead may he please perform one today. No? Really, Jesus? You look funny in your nappy you big gay baby!

I realise I’ve thrown a few silly words about today, Mohammad, Jesus… Seriously though…yobs; thugs... Thus I’d like to end by calling myself a name or two…Intelligent; Open-minded…How’s that? Oh and perfect (of course).

I do love my lips and everything attached to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock on dude!!!

4:09 AM  
Blogger bee_j said...

Great write up..! It reflects a higher level of marurity. Anyway, thanks for the comment you posted. God speed!

8:54 PM  
Blogger bee_j said...

A storm passed by the southern part of the Phils. about two days ago. Since then, its been always raining. Need that yellow umbrella now! I hope your always good. Thanks again!

3:46 AM  

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